Fact Checker


The Fact Checker is responsible for getting the facts about a system. It produces a Fact Document.



XXX to be defined



The Inspector inspects the current state of resources.

It accepts an Identity Document and returns an Observation Document conforming to the schema for the given resource type.

For example, to inspect the state of the file /tmp/foo pass this document to the appropriate inspector:

    "kind": "file",
    "name": "/tmp/foo"

The inspector will return a document conforming to the file Observation Schema:

    "kind": "file",
    "name": "/tmp/foo",
    "exists": true,
    "size": 3493,
    "sha": "c30a7f7531c41ec102fb5510d58166b502f68437",
    "user": "foo",
    "group": "bar",



Takes the facts, prescription, observed state and lays out the steps.



The Performer makes necessary changes to a machine in order to conform to a prescribed state.

It accepts a Prescription Document and XXX what it returns is currently undefined.

For example, you might give it this prescription to ensure that the file at /tmp/foo exists and has attributes described:

    "kind": "file",
    "name": "/tmp/foo",
    "exists": true,
    "user": "jim",
    "group": "jimsgroup",
    "content": "This is the content of the file"



Collects logs and things.

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